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Producers- Harry Barwell & Shakara Walley
Director- Perun Bonser
“The Nyoongar people have been magnificent for our game. They are football warriors and to me, it’s about giving credit where credit’s due.”- Kevin Sheedy
Producer/ Director- Dawn Jackson 
Pointe is a 1 hour TV documentary that tells the story of a gifted young dancer who seeks to overcome a horrific random knife attack through her love and devotion to dance.
Jane Hammond (Director/producer/camera) 
To right a wrong and bring justice to people in West Timor whose lives have been impacted by a major Australian oil spill.
Trish Robinson (Producer/ Director) 
Briege Whitehead (Producer/ Director) 
Ray Pedretti (Executive Producer) 
Our goal is to help ensure the survival of the Rhinoceros by highlighting their risk of extinction and document a solution.
Dawn Jackson (Producer/Director)
Gabrielle Cole (Producer)
Timothy Monley (Writer/Lead Actor)
To inspire greater empathy and support in the community for people living with mental health issues.
Myles Pollard (Writer/Director/Producer)
Chris Veerhuis (Producer)
Inspiring people to reflect on and understand their heritage, in order to help them make positive future choices and take control of their own destiny.
Jeffory Asselin (Director)
Neal Kingston (Producer)
Bill Scheggia (Writer)
PINCH is a social realist crime drama TV series that exposes Australia's ice epidemic and the human fallout on a working-class community.
Renee Rutgrink (Writer/Director)
Georgina Isles (Producer) 
Tenille Kennedy (Producer)
Magda Wozniak (Writer)
‘Sextet’ is a sexy, smooth series which will put in the spotlight the challenges and successes of talented jazz musician graduates from WAAPA.
Stevie Cruz-Martin (Director/Cinematographer/Producer)
Daniel Monks (Writer/Actor/Editor/Producer)
Pulse is an independent feature film about a gay disabled teenage boy, who changes into the body of a beautiful woman, so that he can be loved.



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