First Round Of OOMPF! Games Grant Winners

FTI is proud to announce our first round of OOMPF! Games grant winners: Stirfire Studios, ByteSprite and Offpeak Games who are sharing a pool of $10,000 to help develop or take their game to market. 
OOMPF! Games is a competitive grant scheme and the only games funding program in Western Australia. The games were judged by a panel of experts including: Greg Riebe (eGroup, Zulu Labs), Dr. Rod Houston (OptimEnergy), Evan Jones (Stitch Media, Canada) and Eman Seif (formerly of the Innovation Centre WA).
Each game is scheduled to be completed within the next 10 months and upon completion of their project, the developers will present their games at a public talk hosted by FTI. Congratulations to all our winners and we look forward to seeing the finished projects. 
Stirfire Studios, the creators of the popular Freedom Fall, which won the first ever WA Screen Award for a game, were awarded a $5000 for the development of D3bug, a platform shooter where creativity is your the true weapon. The player is a warrior in a tribal society, unknowingly part of a simulated computer science experiment. When one of the moderators notices a stream of corruption running through the system, he puts the simulation into debug mode to fix it from the inside, using the enemies’ powers against them.
Newcomers to the WA games industry, ByteSprite were awarded $2500 for the development of BrambleLash - an addictive two-player game about communication, co-operation and fighting grime. The player leashes up with a planty partner and runs sludgy enemies through with their thorny tethers, while simultaneously working together to avoid their noxious attacks. The game was recently featured at the Curtin Angazi Arcade and is a Playup Perth favourite.
Offspeak Games winners of Amcom Upstart earlier this year, were awarded $2500 for Valiant, a cutting edge multiplayer VR jousting game designed for the Oculus Rift, featuring fast paced mounted combat across open medieval terrains. The game features immersive death match style gameplay across a large open map. Valiant is currently one of the top downloads on Oculus Share.
Stay tuned for more games updates here. 

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