Playup Perth and senator Scott Ludlam Celebrate WA Games

Playup Perth and Senator Scott Ludlam Celebrate WA Games
On Saturday, FTI’s Playup Perth hosted Australian games industry champion Greens Senator Scott Ludlam as a special guest for an equally special night to celebrate and advocate for the WA games industry. While Playup Perth is usually a playtesting event for new, unreleased games, last Saturday's event was all about showcasing our local WA game talent, including a number of pre-release previews for the hotly anticipated Kickstarter success Paradigm (Jacob Janerka), VR jousting game Valiant (Offpeak Games) and the first ever playable demo of D3bug by WA Screen Award and OOMPF! Game grant awardees, Stirfire Studios.
The evening was kicked off by Sen. Ludlam who spoke about the the cultural, artistic and economic importance of the games industry, especially for WA's slowing resource-based economy. Globally, the games industry is worth more than Hollywood, and is expected to reach over $93 billion this year.
Next up were presentations from local developers about their games, what they love about making games in WA and some of the challenges they face. One of the big themes was of course, funding. Last year saw the cancellation of the federal Australian Interactive Games Fund, for which Sen. Ludlam recently secured an inquiry. A number of local developers, including Black Lab Games, were awarded grants under the scheme and relied on it for development of their games. Paul Turbett, Founder of Black Lab, says he could not have made Starhammer: The Vanguard Prophecy (which currently enjoys an 86% positive review rating on Steam), without the program’s support.
Currently, FTI provides the only funding available to WA game makers through the recently launched OOMPF! Games, a competitive grant scheme that provides a relatively small, but critically important pool of $10,000 to help local developers take their games to market. Imagine what we could do with the same funding support enjoyed in Victoria, where 40% of Australia’s games are produced, or overseas, such as Canada, which is home to a vibrant indie and AAA industry. 
We were thrilled to have Sen. Ludlam hang out the entire night with us, playing games and chatting with everyone (how often can you say you gamed with a senator?). We’d love to have you back anytime, Scott!
A big thanks to our partners and sponsors, Games We Play, SK Games/Backyard.sk, GameCloud and Carpe Coffee. 
See more event photos here.
About Playup Perth
Playup Perth has been running since 2013, when it was launched by Kate Raynes-Goldie who was inspired by other playtesting events around the world which provide game designers a resource to showcase and improve their games. Since Playup Perth became an official FTI program in 2014, it has grown into a popular and inclusive monthly social event regularly attended by 50-70 people from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. To find out about the next playup event, join the Playup Perth newsletter at playupperth.org.
Full list of games showcased
  •  Black Lab Games’ Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy is a sci-fi strategy saga that will test your skills as both capital assault ship Captain and naval fleet Commander. Play your part in the Second Contact War in a campaign with a branching story and over 60 missions, or create your own scenarios in skirmish mode battles.
  • SK Games’ Catnips is a 2-team cat milking simulator. Described as "nifty" and "horrifying", deep down catnips is just about love, nipples, survival and catmilk. Not the easiest to describe in one paragraph, keep an eye out and experience it yourself next time the cats are in town. Catnips was a finalist in WA Screen Awards Best Game in 2015.
  • Stirfire Studios’ Freedom Fall is a platform game set in a wickedly dark fairy tale. It is a diabolical down-scrolling game with a whole lot of heart. An odd and creepy heart, to be sure, but a lot of heart nonetheless. In 2013 Freedom Fall was the winner of the first ever WA Screen Award awarded to a game.
  • RAEZ's COGZ is a deviously clever strategy game, all players must plot and play how to gain the most points from the game board. Points are gained through creating segment chains of colours on the board whilst locking completed shapes. Players must gain points in all colours as the final score is based on each players lower colour. Strategising how to gain the ideal points, locking shapes at the right time, limiting opponents potential and planning future moves will challenge even the best players.
  • HiVE Interactive's Blitz Bandits is a 2 player arena shooter with a GAMEBOY aesthetic and a thumping soundtrack by Perth chiptune master ATOMSMASHA. 'Blitz Bandits' toured Australia during SK Games' Interstate Arcade…GET BLITZ’D!’
  • HiVE Interactive's Aliensche is a PC game that has you collect cows and avoid extermination as an invading alien in an unidentified craft. As an extra terrestrial, you are obviously fascinated by Earth’s bovine inhabitants. Your mission is to collect super cute cow specimens for your research requirements by delivering them to them to the mother ship. However, the Cow Defence Forces have been mobilized!
  • Desura’s World’s Fastest Pizza is a cross between Hotline Miami and the classic Paper Boy, but instead of papers, you deliver pizzas, and instead of Russians, your foes are sharks, murderous rednecks, and hungry, hungry dingoes.
  • Tripleqmark's Bloc is a 2-player tabletop strategy game where you use your agent to influence the voting public to elect you into power!
Pre-release previews
  • Offpeak Games’ Valiant is a multiplayer virtual reality game designed for the Oculus Rift, featuring fast paced mounted combat across open medieval terrains. Lead your team to victory in exciting team-based deathmatch style gameplay across a large open map. Gain speed, charge your enemies head on, aim your lance correctly, and send the enemy player flying from their horse. Just don’t let this happen to you, it can seem devastatingly realistic in virtual reality…
  • Jacob Janerka’s Paradigm is a surreal adventure set in post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe in the not so distant future. You play as Paradigm, the result of genetic tinkering to make the perfect child to sell to rich parents who don’t want to give their fortune to their poor excuses of biological children. However, something goes wrong and Paradigm becomes terribly mutated. He gets dumped in the Post-Soviet union town of Krusz. This is where you start your adventure. As seen on Pewdiepie with over 8 million views!
  • ByteSprite's Bramblelash is a twin-stick shooter with only one stick, no shooting, all co-ordination! BrambleLash is a two-player game about communication, co-operation and fightin’ grime. Leash up with your planty partner and run sludgy enemies through with your thorny tether, while simultaneously working together to avoid their noxious attacks.

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