The Philanthropy Program is an FTI initiative to connect filmmakers and games developers with private individuals and philanthropic trusts who are interested in supporting screen projects in WA. The Program also aims to source additional funding for FTI programs to support filmmakers and games developers, such as the Stanley Wilbur Trust Fund, which supports Indigenous filmmakers in WA.

The Philanthropy Program was created after consultation with the screen sector revealed the need to develop alternate, non-government, funding streams. Since being established in 2015, the Program has raised over $250,000 worth of donations for WA screen projects. Donations allowed some applicants to secure match-funding from other bodies, resulting in a combined total of over $300,000 for emerging projects and FTI programs.


Current Round


How It Works

FTI holds an Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient status, which means that donations made to FTI are 100% tax deductible.

Producers apply to FTI to list their projects on the Philanthropy web page or apply to participate in pitching nights, which are held twice yearly.

A small committee of philanthropy experts assess the applications to participate in pitching nights and, should there be more applications than can be accommodated, the committee chose the five or six projects they feel would be most likely to appeal to individuals or representatives of philanthropic trusts.

Donors to the FTI Philanthropy Program may nominate a production or game to which they would like to donate. While FTI cannot guarantee which projects are supported, FTI will endeavour to honour the preferences of donors. Donations are passed on as grants to the filmmakers or games developers less a 5% fee to cover administration costs.

All projects submitted to the pitching nights or listed on the FTI web page will be required to demonstrate a clear chain of title to FTI, to ensure that the projects are able to be developed or produced if they receive donations.

Please read the legal conditions prior to contacting FTI to submit a project to the Philanthropy Program.



Legals and Process

FTI is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations as a cultural organisation and is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as having Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient status, which allows FTI to receive donations from individuals and organisations and issue a tax deductible receipt.
Donors cannot be associated with or a beneficiary of a project or project team.
Donations will be deposited by FTI into a specially maintained bank account, the “Film & Television Institute (WA) Inc. Donations Account”, and a receipt evidencing the tax deductible donation will be issued to the donor.
Donations received are to be applied by FTI to uses that meet the objectives contained within the constitution by which FTI is governed.  Supporting the development and production of screen projects meets those objectives.
Donations that are received through this program will be consolidated, and passed on as grants to the projects that form part of the program. 
A 5% administration fee on donations will be held by FTI.
Donations can be made on the form inserted into this brochure or by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on the relevant project pages of FTI’s website: https://www.fti.asn.au/phi-donate.
Donors are able to nominate their preferred project and FTI will always attempt to honour their wishes, however Australian tax law stipulates that the final decision about who money will be granted to is FTI’s alone.  Donors will be kept informed of any application of their donation. 
Donations to FTI are unconditional, and donors may not receive any benefit, advantage, right or privilege as a condition of their donation.  Recipients or FTI may acknowledge donors that have supported their projects if the donor agrees to this.
Donations are unable to be refunded – if a project does not proceed for any reason, the application of donated funds will be at the discretion of FTI.  FTI will discuss further options and projects with the donor in this case.
This program is focused on philanthropy as a means of supporting the telling of stories on screen in Western Australia. Investment for a financial return is a different financing source for producers.  FTI advises that we are not registered financial advisors, and that any reference to investment through this program is of a general nature only and in no way constitutes financial advice.  Parties interested in investment in screen projects should seek independent financial and legal advice.  
To enquire about donating to a project or about FTI's Philanthropy Program please email: philanthropy@fti.asn.au or call Ros (FTI, Director of Production).


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