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FTI to consolidate with Screenwest

The Film & Television Institute WA (FTI) and Screenwest today announced the proposed consolidation of FTI into Screenwest, with Screenwest taking on responsibility for supporting the emerging screen sector.
Mitchell Wells, FTI Chair, said the not-for-profit organisation was faced with an uncertain future funding environment and that the move would provide surety to emerging filmmakers.
The Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) will support FTI to wind down the organisation and transition the core screen programs to Screenwest. Screenwest is committed to ensuring FTI’s historical annual funding allocation will continue to support the emerging screen sector into the future.
“FTI’s role in supporting independent and emerging screen sector practitioners over the past 45 years cannot be questioned”, Mr Wells said.  “We broke new ground in bringing screen culture to the community, providing access to tools and knowledge needed by screen practitioners, bringing a sense of community to the sector, celebrating the achievements and excellence of our best and brightest through the WASAs, or just being there to give guidance on projects and careers.
“In the eighties, access to our edit suites gave local filmmakers the only option to make broadcast quality productions when they didn’t have access to commercial facilities.  In the nineties, the Lumiere Cinemas established the market in Perth for arthouse cinema bringing a whole new aesthetic to film-lovers in our city.  The Digital Art Studio, launched in the late 90s, anticipated the convergence of broadcast and streaming and laid the groundwork for FTI’s animation centre of the 2000s.
FTI’s focus on training through the 2000s provided the platform that many of the current crop of amazing young filmmakers launched their careers from.  More recently, we have embraced the notion that games, interactive, and film have much to gain from being brought closer together creatively and at the same time started to open up the philanthropy sector as a legitimate source of funding for screen projects.
“Our production arm Excalibur Productions offered an alternative option essential to the early careers of many of Perth’s established industry members, and more recently facilitated the first broadcast credits for many Aboriginal filmmakers in the Deadly Yarns series.  Many of Excalibur’s productions have and continue to be seen right around the world.
“These things are just a snapshot of the contribution that FTI has made over a long time, and it is of course with a tinge of sadness that we make this announcement today.  This move is not made lightly, and we examined closely our various options. With the future funding environment in mind, it is clear that consolidating with Screenwest is the best way forward to ensure services to the emerging filmmaking sector continue to be delivered.
“I would like to acknowledge the FTI Board and staff and thank them for their professionalism in what has been a tough few years.”
Janelle Marr, Screenwest Chair moved to reassure emerging filmmakers that they would be consulted and supported with programs specific to their needs.
“Screenwest funded FTI to run programs supporting emerging and early career filmmakers.  Moving forward, Screenwest is committed to these funds continuing to go towards this sector in an effective, efficient and strategic manner. During the next six months we will consult with the emerging screen sector to ensure this occurs,” Mrs Marr said.
“Screenwest will provide a range of early career programs including short film initiatives; mentorships, coaching and advice; and skills development short courses.    These programs are essential to developing a strong, viable and evolving local screen sector.  
“Short films are pivotal in discovering emerging talent and allowing filmmakers to learn their craft through practical experience. We will work with FTI to make sure there’s no gap in the delivery of these programs.
“Shooting of the 100th Indigenous Community Story is due to be completed by the end of June 2017.  Screenwest will work with FTI and the program’s other partners, stakeholders and storyowners to ensure accessible, long-term archiving of these culturally valuable stories.
“Other events, activities and programs currently supported by FTI that sit outside of the remit of Screenwest funding will be reviewed with the FTI Board.”
Duncan Ord, Director General, Department of Culture and the Arts, commended the organisations for their collaborative approach in reaching this important decision.
“While this is a difficult time for FTI’s members, the consolidation is in line with the Government’s strategy to ensure public monies are being expended on program delivery and not overhead costs,” Mr Ord said.
“What is being proposed will provide considerable administrative efficiencies which will enable more money to be spent on grass roots programs for emerging screen practitioners.”
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ABC Children and Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF) Coming to Perth

Michael Carrington (Head of Children’s and Education ABC-TV) and Bernadette O'Mahony (Head of Development and Production, ACTF) are coming to Perth in May to hold a one-day workshop and a series of one-on-one meetings with children’s television creators.  
In this workshop, Michael and Bernadette will cover the latest on children's TV, including information about what ABC Children’s and ACTF are looking for in projects and producers to partner with, the current landscape in Australia and what's happening in the international market.
Michael and Bernadette will also look at opportunities for making innovative Kid's TV and how new players can enter the sector. 
One day workshop:
  • When: Wednesday, 24th of May, 2017
  • Time: 10am-4pm
  • Where: The Northbridge Piazza Community Room. Cnr Lake St. & James St.
  • Price: FREE, but bookings essential.

Bernadette O’Mahony and Michael Carrington will also be holding a limited number of meetings at Screenwest.

One-on One meetings:
  • When: Thursday, 25th of May, 2017
  • Time: 10am-4pm
  • Where: Screenwest Hub, 30 Fielder Street, East Perth.

To register your interest for a one-on-one with either ACTF or ABC (or to meet both), please send a short email to funding@screenwest.wa.gov.au and let them know who you wish to meet with and a short summary of the projects you wish to discuss during the meeting. 

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FTI held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 27th of April at the Northbridge Piazza Building. 

Changes to the constitution were passed which focussed on meeting the requirements of the new Associations Incorporation Act (2016), and on restructuring the Board to make its operation more efficient and effective. 

Congratulations to Justin McArdle and Lauren Brunswick who were each voted in to continue their terms as board members. FTI Chair Mitchell Wells also acknowledged the contribution over the past four years of outgoing board member John McBain.

With the main business of the meeting completed, there was close to an hour of discussion with many questions from the floor on the topic of FTI's funding situation. 

The membership was informed that the Board are still uncertain what the future of state government funding for FTI will look like, despite hoping that this would be resolved by the time of the AGM. 

CEO Paul Bodlovich advised the members that there are a number of possibilities still in play, ranging from an extension of funding beyond the current end-point of June 30, to a possible structural consolidation of FTI and Screenwest.  The Chair and CEO advised that in the absence of core funding being confirmed soon it may become necessary to wind up the organisation.  

In response to a question from Josh Gilbert (Gamechangers) the membership learned that FTI's Board are currently considering a campaign strategy that has been developed by FTI management, should there be the need for the sector to rally in support of FTI in the coming months. 

Mr Wells emphasised strongly that whatever path the Board chooses (or is forced) to take, the primary objective is to fight for maintaining and continuing to build the strong support and service provision for the emerging screen sector in Western Australia that FTI currently delivers.

FTI wishes to thank those members that attended the AGM.

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Life in Pictures FREE Filmmaking Workshops

Revelation Film Festival's 'Life in Pictures' competition is a unique collaboration between government, the arts, and the community that is designed to stimulate discussion about ageing, as well as raise and enhance awareness of the rewards and challenges of ageing in the community.
The initiative focuses on: What is ageing? Does it mean ‘getting old’? Is it ‘getting older’? Or is it simply ‘growing’? Entries from ALL levels of experience are welcome. 
FTI and Rev are holding several FREE 'Life in Pictures' information sessions/filmmaking workshops over the between May 15th-19th. See dates below:
  • Rockingham Arts Centre @ Mon 15th May,  9am – 12pm.
  • City of Vincent Library @ Fri 19th May,  9am - 12pm.
  • Perth City Library @ Fri 19th May, 1pm - 4pm. 
These three-hour long info sessions are held in a friendly and open environment and seniors are especially encouraged to attend.
Registration is FREE but spaces are limited. Click here to register for a place in your area.
Entries close May 31st and with a total prize pool is valued at up to $20,000 - so now would be a good time to start filming!
Take a look at the guidelines and competition brief here. If you have any questions email the Life in Pictures coordinator - Lezly E, life@revelationfilmfest.org or call 0448 007 233.
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ICS Screenings at 2017 REVEALED

The ICS program is happy to announce the inclusion of four short films in the Revealed Exhibition starting at the Fremantle Arts Centre next week.


The films cover indigenous art, music and literature from locations covering the South West through to the Kimberley.

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AGWA – Kira Kiro Art Centre - Kalumburu Artists (2015)


The community of Kalumburu is one of the most remote communities in the Kimberley. In 2015 ICS collaborated with the Art Gallery of WA, as part of its Desert River Sea- Kimberley Artists Then and Now program. With the help of the  Kira Kiro Kalumburu Art Centre, ICS captured four senior women artists: Mary Theresa Tailor, Mary Punchi Clement, Gwen Clarke and Betty Bundamurra.  The Art Centre provides a strong cultural centre for the community and coordinates exhibitions, art awards and public art projects in which the artists translate their traditional skills and knowledge into contemporary artworks. 
Running time: 13.45 mins Location: Kimberley-Kalumburu
Language: Ngarinyin, Kwini and Woonambool

AGWA - Waringarri Arts Centre  (2014)

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:ashleighnicolou:Desktop:Waringarri2.jpg


Waringarri Aboriginal Arts profiles the ‘Waringarri Generational Collaboration Project, and illustrates how establihed artists pass on skills and knowledge to future generations- translating traditional skills into contemporary artworks.   Up to four generations of artists' have been involved in several major public art projects, including a ‘family based’ installation at the Kununurra Courthouse, a bush-tucker mural at the health centre, large sculptural forms of boabs in bronze, and carved wooden totems.
Running time: 9.19 mins Location: Kununarra
Language: Miriwoong    

Gunada Band (2015)

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:james:Desktop:Ash:ICS stills:Stills:11999039_829095353873996_5288886168555757456_n.jpg


In the late 1980’s, two Broome-based musicians broke new ground and formed an original music band with non-Indigenous musicians from England, Malaysia, Germany and Australia.  The Gunada Band promoted Broome’s cultural diversity and strengthened its cultural identity, developing a strong following.  This story sits alongside that of other Broome bands such as Scrapmetal Band and the Broome Beats.   The Gunada Band story is told by surviving band members including Arnhem Hunter, Wayne Barker, Ben Raja and Guy Ghouse.
Running time: 21.35 mins Location: Kimberley - Broome
Language: Bardi, Yawru 

Laurel Nannup (2015)

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:ashleighnicolou:Desktop:Laurel Nannup Still 1.png


Laurel was born at the Carrolup Native Settlement, WA in 1943.  Her Aboriginal Clan group is Binjareb.  She grew up on the Pinjarra Reserve and then at Wandering Mission where she stayed until she was 16, working as a domestic servant. Laurel studied printmaking at Curtin University and has become a highly regarded artist. She recalls childhood experiences and events through her art and illustrations.   Her work is represented at the Art Gallery of WA, the Australian National Gallery and the Berndt Museum. She has also written a book called A Story to Tell (UWA Publishing).
Running time: 11.12 mins Location: South West Perth and Pilbara
Language: Noongar


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APRIL: James Bogle - "In Residence"

James Bogle: FTI's Writer/ Director in Residence in April.

Throughout April, FTI and Screen Industry guild members will be able to book a one-on-one session with James to discuss their projects or seek specific advice. 

James Bogle has co-written and directed five feature films: Whitely (2017), Closed For Winter (2009), In the Winter Dark (1999), Mad Bomber in Love (1993) and Stones of Death (1989), two of which are adaptations of books by Australian authors (CFW- Georgia Blain, ITWD – Tim Winton).

In 2014 James co-directed a 4 hour series for ABC TV, The War That Changed Us, which screened in August 2014 and was nominated as Factual Series of the Year by The Australian Newspaper

He has directed more than 50 episodes of television drama including The Circuit II  (nominated for Best Direction of a TV Drama by Australian Directors Guild, 2011), and 14 episodes of Lockie Leonard I&II, (Winner, Best Children’s Drama Series Logie 2008, Winner Best Children’s Drama Series, AFI Awards 2007).

The sessions will be 30 - 45 mins long and available on Tuesdays (April 4th, 11th, 18th) between 10am and 2pm.

There will also be a one-day workshop on Sunday, April 23rd: Learn To Adapt, which will deal with creating screen projects from source material in other media. Participants in this workshop will be eligible for a final day of one-on-one sessions [date to be confirmed].

Obviously, there are a limited number of spaces available so members are encouraged to send a one-page summary of their project/area of interest to James prior to their session. To register your interest and submit your summary, book a session through tom@staff.fti.asn.au today.

The ...In Residence program takes place at FTI's new headquarters at 48 Lake St Northbridge.

Whiteley opens in Australian cinemas on May 11th, 2017.

FTI's In Residence program aims to boost screen sector career development via mentoring one-on-ones with accomplished industry professionals since 2013. The program has enabled several leading industry professionals to mentor screen practitioners including; Joan Peters, Sue Taylor, Reg Cribb, Claire Marshall, Herbert Pinter, Claire McCarthy, Peter Templeman and Paul Barron.
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ICS Producer Devina McPherson to join Screenwest as Indigenous Manager.

Devina McPherson has announced she will be joining Screenwest as Indigenous Manager in mid-April, while continuing to oversee the Indigenous Community Stories program at FTI until the end of June.

FTI's chief executive Paul Bodlovich said the working agreement offered the best possible outcome.

"Of course we're sad to see her go, but this is a fantastic career opportunity for Devina, who has already made a great contribution to the WA screen sector," he said.

"The fact that she has negotiated to be able to stay on with ICS until it reaches its 100-story target by the end of June 2017 says a lot about her personal integrity and commitment to community. She will be an asset wherever she goes from here and we wish her all the best."

Devina has been working for FTI since 2010, where she had a primary focus on bringing Indigenous Western Australian stories to the screen.

She has worked on the Deadly Yarns series for the ABC, and FTI's Indigenous Community Stories, while also working on Bran Nue DaeStraight Shootin and various other short films.

For the past five years Devina was the Production Manager for the Indigenous Community Stories Archive and Preservation Program at FTI. Prior to that Devina worked freelance as an editor, photographer, event manager and camera operator.

In February 2017, Devina took over as ICS Producer after Michelle Broun’s departure from FTI. Devina, Screenwest and FTI are committed to completing the ICS’s aim of recording 100 stories and therefore Devina will continue to work part-time on the ICS program for FTI until the program is completed in June.

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FTI Philanthropy Program - Pitch Night announced


FTI's Philanthropy Program has raised over $300,000 for WA screen projects since its launch in 2015. In preparation for the 2017 program, we're opening the submissions for the Pitching Night event in May, giving you the opportunity to pitch your project to potential investors.

To enquire about submitting an application to pitch a project on the night, please email Ros Walker, FTI Director, Screen Production at ros@fti.asn.au.

FTI’s next Philanthropy Program pitching night will be scheduled for Tuesday, 30th of May. Information about the Program is available HERE.

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29th WA Screen Awards postponed.

Western Australia’s premier screen industry event, the WA Screen Awards, will be postponed in 2017 due to uncertainty regarding the future funding of FTI.

The WA Screen Awards submissions process is normally underway by this time of year, and FTI has received several enquiries from the sector about this year’s awards.

Without secured funding past June 2017, FTI cannot responsibly meet its commitment to the delivery of the 29th WA Screen Awards on July 3rd, 2017. 

This date had been planned to coincide with the launch of the Revelation Film Festival, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

It is hoped that FTI will be able to make comment on the future of the WA Screen Awards in early May 2017, including a new timeline for submissions and nominations.

The WA Screen Awards has only missed one year in its 30-year history and FTI is committed to rescheduling the event later in the year with the full support of its sponsors, partners, funding bodies and the incoming State Government.

FTI’s current government funding is provided on a month-to-month basis by the West Australian Department for Culture & the Arts, but this is not guaranteed past this fiscal year. 

FTI will continue to work constructively with its funders to secure the best outcome for the organisation and the emerging screen sector.

Through education, training, programs and networking opportunities, FTI plays an important role in the ongoing development and fostering of local talent in West Australian filmmaking and games development.

However, FTI recognises that the WA Screen Awards are an important part of the ‘public face’ of the work it supports.

Over the last three decades, the WA Screen Awards has developed into a celebration of screen culture, an important annual event for the local film and creative industries, marking the development and rise of some of Australia’s greatest talents across a variety of disciplines.

Recognising achievement in both long and short form film, factual and entertainment productions, the WA Screen Awards past winners and nominees include practitioners such as Zak Hilditch (These Final Hours), Lauren Brunswick (OnO, Young Filmmaker of the Year 2015), Elissa Down (The Black Balloon), Sue Taylor (Last Train to Freo), Lauren Elliott (Dafuq?, The Legend of Gavin Tanner) rising star Ben Young (Bush Basher, Hounds of Love) and even musician Timothy Nelson (The Shapes).

For media enquiries contact:

Sabian Wilde
FTI Marketing Coordinator

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Writing for Games Scholarship for Women

Let's Make Games has announced a 'Writing for Games Scholarship for Women'.

The scholarship offers funding admission for one successful female applicant to attend FTI's Writing for Games & Interactive short Course. This scholarship comes as a measure to help address the gender imbalance present in the global game industry and hopes to promote and foster a welcoming environment for everyone in our local community. It also boasts and exciting mentoring component with additional communication and feedback through a career development session with course tutor Anthony Sweet (owner of Handwritten Games, lead designer at Black Lab Games).

As a part of the scholarship outcomes, the successful applicant will be expected to complete all course work, which includes publishing a completed interactive project online. All women of every background with an interest in interactive writing and game development are recommended to apply. Applications close Sun Feb 12th and all applicants will be notified of their outcome by Mon, Feb 13th.

Apply here | Course info |  Scholarship queries: jon@letsmakegames.org | Course queries:  anthony@handwrittengames.com & ashleigh@staff.fti.asn.au | 

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