In Residence Program

James Bogle: FTI's Writer/ Director in Residence in April.

Throughout April, FTI and Screen Industry guild members will be able to book a one-on-one session with James to discuss their projects or seek specific advice. 

James Bogle has co-written and directed five feature films: Whitely (2017), Closed For Winter (2009), In the Winter Dark (1999), Mad Bomber in Love (1993) and Stones of Death (1989), two of which are adaptations of books by Australian authors (CFW- Georgia Blain, ITWD – Tim Winton). 

In 2014 James co-directed a 4 hour series for ABC TV, The War That Changed Us, which screened in August 2014 and was nominated as Factual Series of the Year by The Australian Newspaper

He has directed more than 50 episodes of television drama including The Circuit II  (nominated for Best Direction of a TV Drama by Australian Directors Guild, 2011), and 14 episodes of Lockie Leonard I&II, (Winner, Best Children’s Drama Series Logie 2008, Winner Best Children’s Drama Series, AFI Awards 2007).

The sessions will be 30 - 45 mins long and available between 10AM and 2PM on the following days:

- Tuesday 11th of April

- Tuesday 18th of April

- Tuesday 2nd May

- Tuesday 9th of May (for Learn To Adapt participants only) 

There will also be a one-day workshop on Sunday, April 23rd: Learn To Adaptwhich will deal with creating screen projects from source material in other media. Participants in this workshop will be eligible for a final day of one-on-one sessions on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Obviously, there are a limited number of spaces available so members are encouraged to send a one-page summary of their project/area of interest to James prior to their session. To register your interest and submit your summary, book a session through tom@staff.fti.asn.au today.

The ...In Residence program takes place at FTI's new headquarters at 48 Lake St Northbridge.

Whiteley opens in Australian cinemas on May 11th, 2017.

FTI's In Residence program (est. 2013) boosts screen sector career development via mentoring one-on-ones with accomplished industry professionals.

The program can be accessed by film students or industry association members (#FTI, #AWG, #ADG, #MEAA, #ASE, #PFN or #SPA)

  • SUSIE CAMPBELL , SEP 2016:  Producer
  • HERBERT PINTER , FEB 2016 Production Designer. 
  • CLAIRE MARSHALL, APR 2016 Director
  • JOAN PETERS, JUL 2015 Film Lawyer 
SUSIE CAMPBELL (Producer), SEPT 2016
As a new FTI member, I was very impressed with the opportunity to meet an established producer through FTI's 'professional in residence scheme'. Through this meeting, I was not only able to ask questions about the industry to someone in the industry with experience but I was also fortunate to be put in touch with other industry contacts through her. From this initial contact, I have been able to work on some industry relevant projects to set me on the right direction within the film industry. It has given me the courage to embrace opportunities within the film sector where I would usually not know how to begin. Thank you again for setting up these opportunities for young or new professionals to the film industry. I hope to see them continue and grow within the local film industry.” - Kate Millar, SAE
HERBERT PINTER (Production Design), FEB 2016
“Even though I'm not a Production Designer, the tips he gave me today about filmmaking in general will stay with me for a long time and no doubt influence the way I work in the future. He's very approachable, a wealth of knowledge and a funny storyteller as well.” - Dave Downey (Feb, 2016)
“Such a gift to be able to talk with someone with such a wealth of knowledge and experience.” - Nicola Best (Feb, 2016)
“I would  have gladly discussed his Production Design for hours.” - Rachael Hayes  (Feb, 2016)
CLAIRE MARSHALL (Filmmaker/Producer), April 2016
"I am a Year 11 student and have only recently discovered my passion for filming and photography. I was invited to talk to industry professional, Claire Marshall, about what I should be doing after school. In the meeting she gave tips on how to affirm my reputation in the filming business, what I need to do after school and how to maintain a career as cinematographer while producing creative works on the side. Claire was a great person to talk to about how the industry works, especially for someone who is only beginning to understand what they've gotten themselves into." - Lachie August (April, 2016)

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