Meet The ICS Team

Michelle Broun, Manager, Indigenous Community Stories Program, FTI: Michelle's Mother's people are Yindjibarndi from the PiIbara region of Western Australia.  Her  Dad is Australian with Scottish ancestry. Michelle has managed the ICS program since April 2014.  She has worked closely with Devina MacPherson, ICS Production Manager, to produce 29 out a total of 79 stories so far.  Her focus is now is to fundraise in order to achieve ICS’s original target of 100 stories by mid 2017. Michelle comes to FTI with a background in community cultural development and planning, project management, partnerships, programs and policy, with a focus on achieving positive and ongoing outcomes for communities, and individuals-mainly creators.  She has worked independently as an artist and curator, for Local and State governments and the Not for Profit sector and at local, regional, national and international levels. She has facilitated a maintained numerous partnerships between private, public and corporate sectors, which aimed to empower communities and individuals.   
Devina McPherson, Production Manager, Indigenous Community Stories Program, FTI: Devina holds a Bachelor of Arts Communications: from Edith Cowan University, is a graduate from Kurongkurl Katitjin School of Indigenous Studies and an advanced Diploma in Screen specialising in film and television production. She's been in the industry for over 10 years and commenced a focus to bringing Indigenous stories to the screen through working on the 'Deadly Yarns' series and continued this through working on 'Bran Nue Dae', 'Straight Shootin' and various other short films. Devina is currently the Production Manager of the Indigenous Community Stories archive and preservation initiative at the Film and Television Institute, since 2009.





Mitch Torres, Director Indigenous Community Stories Program: Mitch Torres is an Indigenous Writer/director from Broome, Western Australia. She has extensive experience as a director, writer, producer, journalist and radio broadcaster as well as a thorough knowledge of her hometown, Broome.  Her films have screened in multiple international festivals. A  recent example includes; ‘Jandamarra’s War’ (2010) which screened at the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts festival (2012) and Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival (2012). Mitch’s documentary ‘Bungarun Orchestra’ screened on ABC-TV in 1999 and she is known specifically for her work on 'BabaKiueria' (1986), 'The Fringe Dwellers' (1986) and 'Emerald City' (1988). Mitch is an award winning documentary film maker with award credits to: 'Jandamarra's War'- AACTA 2012 Best documentary under 60 minutes. 'Whispering in Our Hearts' - Winner of the Montreal Film Festival - Best Documentary 2000, Winner of the Rigoberto Mechu Human Rights Award Montreal Film Festival, Winner Tudawali Award Best Documentary, Tudawali Film Festival Best Documentary Series - 'Everyday Brave' Series of which wrote and directed 'Saltwater Bluesman'. Best Drama Series Winning Team of writers 'The Circuit 1 & 2, to name a few.

“The ICS program is innovative on many levels: it captures histories both old  and new stories in the making to ensure we have them documented.” (Torres, 2016)

Simon Akkerman Acs, Director, Cinematographer Indigenous Community Stories Program: Simon is an accredited, award winning cinematographer, with a career spanning over 40 years. He has a long list of experience working on feature films, documentaries, TV series and commercials. Throughout the years he has directed numerous programmes, including several of FTI's Indigenous Community Stories.

“ICS records the last remaining stories told by WA Aboriginal elders, depicting their culture, language and survival ability. Directing these stories is an unforgettable experience that few people have the opportunity to enjoy. Through working with ICS, I have gained a better understanding of what we humans, black or white, are really all about. Sadly an understanding almost lost in our modern World. The disruption of the Australian Aboriginal people since European man took their lands, has left them (in most cases) totally displaced. I feel privileged to be able to record these stories for their families sake (and the rest of mankind for that matter)." (Akkerman, 2016)
Skye Richmond, ICS Intern: Skye is a 21 year old Aboriginal woman who’s family originates from Ngarluma / Kariyarra (Pilbara),  Nyul Nyul and Yawuru (The Kimberley).  She was raised in Port Hedland on her grandfather’s country. She is currently in her 3rd year of Screen Arts at Curtin University, starting her internship with ICS in October 2015.
ICS would like to congratulate Skye who is now Coordinating her grandmother’s story ‘Betty Lockyer’, which is scheduled to be filmed in April.
Skye comments how it feels to record to record her grandmothers story  “Story telling is an important part of our identity and connectedness as Aboriginal people - recording my grandmother's story is important to me because it connects me to country, my ancestors, my people, it brings healing - and it teaches not just me but others of our history, our survival and our resilience as people.”


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