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The next deadline for applications to the ICS Program is 31 January 2017. For more information, visit the FTI website to download the guidelines and application forms. Please contact Michelle Broun, Manager of ICS on 08 9431 6713 or email her on michelle_broun@fti.asn.au to discuss your proposal.




FTI’s Indigenous Community Stories  screened five films at Artlands Festival, hosted by Regional Arts Australia in the vibrant city of Dubbo, New South Wales (27- 30th October). The festival featured an exciting program of theater, music, dance, film and visual arts celebrating the vitality and creativity of regional artists.

The ICS screening showcased films from Kalumburu, Kununurra, the Pilbara, and Broome with a range of themes from Dreamtime stories, Ceremonial dances, Stolen generation stories and artist profiles. The films screened included; ‘Mangala Man-Rainmaker-Bruce Thomas’, ‘Vernon Gerrard’, ‘Jinamagu Yirdiyawa Ngurradamu-Walking Tracks Back Home -The Journey of Bigali Hanlon’, ‘Gunada Band’, and ‘Waringarri Artists’.  ICS received very positive feedback from the audience and was approached by other organisation representatives,  who are interested in establishing programs similar to ICS in their home states.
Michelle Broun, ICS’s Manager, represented the program and Story Owners at the screening and at the 'Magnifying First Nations Voices Through Film’ panel discussion on Saturday, October, 29th. FTI would like to extend a special thank you to RegionalArts NSW, especially Peter White and Elizabeth Rogers, for supporting Michelle's travel and participation in this very important national event.
Recent Success Stories:
Goolarri Media Enterprises presented for one night only Gunada Band & Lorrae Coffin live in concert with the launch of the ‘Gunada Band Documentary’ as part of FTI's Indigenous Community Stories.
In the late 1980’s, two Broome-based musicians broke new ground and formed an original multi-cultural band (THE GUNADA BAND). The musicians explain their creative and cultural influences and how they became one of Broome's most iconic bands.
“ICS stories are an incredibly important part of Australia’s history." -  Manager, Michelle Broun. 
The Indigenous Community Stories (ICS) showcased five stories at this years Revelation Perth International Film Festival, including world premiere documentry Gunada Band. ICS ‘100 Stories for 100 years and Beyond’ records and preserves Western Australia's Indigenous oral histories and cultural expressions on film.  The initiative aims to record and archive ‘100 stories for 100 years and beyond’ so it can be accessed by future generations.  ICS has created an invaluable record that contributes to Australia's national cultural identity. Stories include creation stories, biographies, and recollections of events and aspects of social history, they include traditional song, dance and language.
Laurel Nannup    
Director: Mitch Torres
Location: South West-Perth and Pinjarra 
Born in 1943 at the Carrolup Native Settlement, Laurel worked as a domestic servant until the age of 16, she went on to study printmaking at Curtin University and is now a highly regarded artist who recalls her childhood experiences through her art.  
Paul Hansen (RIP) - Legendary Nyoongar Warrior     
Director: Mitch Torres
Location: Perth
In 1970 Paul joined the Australian Royal Army Service and served in the Vietnam War. This is his story of survival and how he and his family coped with his post-traumatic stress disorder and journey of healing.   
Bigali Hanlon    
Director: Mitch Torres
Location:  Pilbara-Roebourne, Mulga Downs and Perth
In 1947, Bigali aged 6, along with her younger brother, were stolen from their family the East Pilbara.  Separated from her brother and sent to Sister Kate’s in Perth, this story celebrates Bigali's remarkable journey which reconnected her with family.   
Cedric Jacobs    
Director: Karla Hart
Location: Southwest & Perth  
Cedric and his siblings were stolen whilst his parents were working picking grapes.  He tells about the harsh life growing up at Mogumber Mission and how he found solace in his love for family and church.
Gunada Band **Premiere**  
Director: Mitch Torres
Location:  Kimberley, Broome.
In the late 1980’s, two Broome-based musicians broke new ground and formed an original multi-cultural band.  Band members explain their creative and cultural influences and how Gunada became one of Broome's most iconic bands.
(Photo ICS Manager Michelle Broun and Daisy Ward, interpreter from 'Nola's Story'.)
On Sunday ICS showcased 4 films at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, followed by a Q&A session with ICS's; Manager- Michelle Broun, Anthropologist, Director and Coordinator- Jan Turner, Story Owner- Yurnangurnu Nola Campbell (Nola's Story) and  Environmental Engineer/ Son of Story Owner Cedric Jacobs- Ezra Jacobs-Smith. 
"ICS is proud and humbled to have screened these very personal stories of Aboriginal Elders from WA.  We take our responsibility to record these stories accurately and with sensitivity very seriously.  They offer all Australians an opportunity to reflect on past injustices and for healing through truth telling"- Michelle Broun, ICS Manager. 
"Jim Morrison and I, on behalf of the 'WA Stolen Generations Alliance' and 'Bringing Them Home WA' would like to thank you for the fantastic work you and ICS are doing. The screening on sunday was amazing and we can't wait to see more of the stories."- Keith Bodman
"Sundays screening was one of the best things I've seen for a long time and I was recently at Sundance! So moving, so funny so relevant." Gabrielle Sullivan,  CEO Indigenous Art Code.
When: Sun April 10th | Where: Maritime Museum, Cliff Street, Fremantle | Time: doors open 11am for a 11:30am screening. This is a free screening- RSVP here.
ICS's Manger Michelle Broun and Production Manager, Devina McPherson attended The Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) at ACMI in Melbourne last week. The conference gave the team an international perspective of the current state of play for doco creation and storytelling- at least in the English speaking world. It also gave them a better idea of where ICS sits within the wider doco landscape and where there are new opportunities to fund or re-purpose ICS material.  
Michelle met with many industry colleagues and has some great leads to follow post conference. Michelle reports:‘People were genuinely interested and amazed with the ICS program. We were re-invigorated with the responses we received during networking sessions and one-on-one meetings at AIDC. Whist we did not formally pitch ICS, we were encouraged to consider pitching ICS in a number of ways, and the strength of the ICS program became more apparent. It was a great opportunity to gather information about how to further strengthen the program. The presentation on Formats gave me some ideas about how to reformat and/or package ICS.  While most of the focus was on reality TV, it was useful to learn about the realities of making commercial TV. 'Archive Content Undressed' gave me insight into how filmmakers might access ICS material for their projects as well as how ICS accesses and uses archival material for ICS stories. I was particulary impressed with the presentation by Kelrick Martin, Harry Bardwell, and singer/songwriter Shelly Morris about the process of producing the WA documentary ‘Prison Songs’.  Many in the audience said it was one of the most useful and interesting sessions of the conference.’  
The James St Amphitheatre is close to the William Street dining and shopping strip, adjacent to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), the State Library and the State Theatre Centre of WA. The amphitheatre features a large LED Screen and an extensive stepped seating area. 
ICS promotional videos / film trailers are  currently featured daily on screen with plans to exhibit the full length films in the near future at public screening events. ICS’s 2015 promotional video and Laurel Nannup’s trailer features on the ‘Arts and Culture Promotional Reel’, which screens daily Mondays 9.30am and 3: 30pm, Tuesdays 8.30 am and 4:30 pm, Wednesdays 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Thursday 7.30 am and 3:30 pm, Fridays 7:00 am and 3:00 pm and at varied times on the weekend. 
The ICS promo works tremendously well at explaining the programme and capturing the emotional hooks. My compliments to the makers of these exceptional promotional works.” - David Downie, Curator, Perth Cultural Centre Screen

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