The 2014 Western Australian Games Industry Scoping Survey

“It is with a sense of anticipation that I am pleased to present this scoping study for the Western Australian games development industry – the first of its kind.”
-Paul Bodlovich, FTI CEO.
The 2014 Western Australian Games Industry Scoping Survey was conducted by FTI to map the current landscape and provide an insight into the needs and challenges of the WA game industry, in particular what has held WA developers back from tapping into the massive global games market. With a better understanding of the challenges faced by local game designers, FTI will develop and deliver new initiatives that will address the needs of the industry with the aim of encouraging innovation and growth as well as sustainability and competitiveness within the global marketplace. This will be the first survey in an ongoing series, as we look to establish a long term, longitudinal evidence base to underpin these two aspects of our work. The next study, scheduled for two years
The global games market reached $93 billion in 2013 and continues to grow. The digital nature of video games makes their export inexpensive and lucrative. While Western Australia has an emerging games industry, it is not being provided the resources necessary for it to geo and tap into this global market. This report shows how a lack of established studios and career pathways, isolation from major markets, lack of business training and lack of government funding has held the industry back, with more than 50% of WA Game developers needing a second job to support their game
This study is a key plank in understanding what the local games industry looks like, and what it needs, to develop and take a place on the world stage. It serves two key purposes – firstly it provides us with essential insight into what services FTI can provide that will bring benefits to games developers as well giving us a benchmark for enabling the measurement of the impact that our programs can have; and second it is an essential piece of work that will give us the ability to lobby our State Government for support for games developers.
Download The 2014 Western Australian Games Industry Scoping Survey.

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