FTI is excited to announce a new benefit exclusive to FTI members – the FTI Wine Club. Through our unique partnership with Happs Margaret River, we are able to offer our members the best price available on the full range of quality Happs wines as part of the new FTI Wine Club. Not only that, but for every order of a dozen bottles that FTI members make with Happs through the FTI Wine Club, Happs will donate a dozen bottles to FTI! This provides two benefits for FTI.  One is that for events where we offer a cash bar, the fundraising contribution of purchases is increased which helps to support our operation.  The second is that where we offer complimentary beverages (such as at the WA Screen Awards) this comes at no cost to us. It also makes for a partnership that will be sustainable over a long time, which is important to both FTI and Happs.
And it’s really simple.  All you have to do is complete the order form, send it to FTI where we will verify your membership details, and wait for your wine to be delivered.   Delivery is free within Australia on all case purchases. FTI will forward your order to Happs, who will take the payment and process the order. This is a great way for you to enjoy quality wines at a great price, in the knowledge that you are supporting FTI at the same time.

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