FTI Film School

SHORT COURSES Whether you see yourself working as an actor, director or in a film crew, study at FTI will give you the skills to break into the screen industry. FTI's 6 week short courses are an extensive look into the Screen Industry, with beginner and advanced courses in just about everything you can think of, such as; Producing, Directing, Script Writing, Voice Over Acting, Acting for film, Television Presenting, Cinematography, Sound /Post Sound and so much more    

MASTERCLASSES FTI hosts a number of Masterclasses throughout the year. Classes run  from half a day to 3 day weekenders and cover a huge range of Screen Industry topics, such as; How to Run your Own Creative Business; How to Develop your Own Screenplay; How to Write Professional Applications; Embracing Your Budget; Filming with a Drone Camera; How to Storyboard Effectively and more. Check back soon for courses coming up!

FTI PROFESSIONAL IN RESIDENCE FTI's ‘Professional in Residence’ program aims to boost screen sector career development via one-on-one mentoring meetings with accomplished local professionals. The program runs for a month and FTI is proud to announce July's residence Film lawyer/ Executive Producer Joan Peters.   


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