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Perth based game designer Jacob Janerka has made an international impact with his alpha demo of ‘paradigm’, his most recent game development project. 

Paradigm is an adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe which follows a mutant protagonist and an evil sloth antagonist, it has already raised over $10,000 of its $14,000 kick starter goal, with 19 days of the campaign remaining. 

YouTube star PewDiePie, who has over 30 million subscribers - among the highest ever for a YouTube channel - has only just played and reviewed Paradigm, even donating to its Kickstarter. 

Throughout his 15 minute video which features the game (Is Your Child A Failure? - Paradigm) PewDiePie describes the game as “hilarious” within the first minute, when the game reaches the end of its demo, PewDiePie declares that he “wanted to play more”; with its unique graphics, bizarre characters and outlandish humour, his reaction is not surprising. 

The success of the game and rapid online popularity is a cause for celebration for James, FTI and the Perth games community.

Recently, Jacob participated in and was featured in FTI’s ‘Surprise Attack’ workshop, an indie game marketing masterclass hosted by games specialist Travis Plane, just one of the many game-minded initiatives that are popping up over Perth and fuelling the network of Perth gamers and game developers. 

The masterclass saw Travis share his extensive knowledge and provide indie game designers with marketing advice specific to their game, Travis' class used Jacob's game as the featured case study throughout the class. In lieu of the class and in the wake of Jacob’s success; FTI is excited to see its newest games and interactive sector help reach an international audience. 

While Paradigm is not yet finished, the end result is promising. A vintage intro sets the premise for the game; a comedic ‘make a prodigy child pack’ that the protagonist Olaf seems to be a product of, the intro encourages parents to avoid producing children that are failures, warding them off the sort of kids that pursue arts degrees. Hilarious. 

Following the intro, the game goes into a point and click style adventure game which already has an incredible attention to detail, during PewDiePie’s demo of the game he sorts through a box of vinyls in Olaf’s room, with cover titles like ‘GET RICH OR DIE of natural causes’ and ‘Babe I love you: but I’m a T-Rex’, finding your way through the game makes for some hilarious run ins. 

While the game is set in a post-apolcayptic European sort of world, there is an Australian shout out in the form of an Aussie occa, borderline perverted computer, there's also a predicted crowd favourite; a potted beet that spits beats. 

While the game already seems promising, those wanting to help speed up the development process - and maybe even make it better - can donate to its Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/857886953/paradigm-surreal-adventure-game) and can even play a free demo version of the game (http://www.paradigmadventure.com/#!demo/c1lqf). 

For more information regarding other games masterclasses, or to enquire about anything upcoming and games related you can check out fti.asn.au

Blog by Rebecca Metcalf


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