WA documentary production company Electric Pictures and FTI launched a new initiative 'Get You Doco Idea In The Door' on Monday night (Jan 11th) with over 100 people attending! 
FTI's Director Skills & Engagement, Annie Murtagh-Monks hosted the information evening and Electric Pictures Founding Director & CEO Andrew Ogilvie and Head Of Development Greg Colgan gave numerous insights into what ideas can work for documentaries. They outlined their experience of how documentaries are made in Australia, how to organise an idea in a structured way (showing examples of their work) and effectively presenting your idea for funding. Sample concept documents were shown and Andrew and Greg outlined how to pitch an idea. 
The Launch night gave attendees an overview on what Electric Pictures are currently looking for, however attendance at this night is not a prerequisite for applying for the 'Get Your Doco Idea In The Door' program. If you have a documentary idea then submit your applications by 5pm Monday, Feb 1st. Up to six submissions will be selected and meetings with these applicants will be held in the second week in February to give feedback. Find out how here.

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