Announcing OOMPF! Games:

WA's only games funding program

FTI is excited to announce OOMPF! Games — Western Australia’s only games fund, with up to $10,000 for local studios to take their games to market.

There has been no state-level funding for WA’s game makers and, after Screen Australia cancelled its federal Interactive Games fund last year, local developers were left with no where to turn.

Funding is critical for building a sustainable, vibrant and diverse industry. Victoria, which enjoys state funding through Film Victoria’s games program, produces 40% of Australia’s games, making them competitive in the global market, which is on track to reach $91.5 billion by the end of this year.

Part of the application process includes a pitch night, which will give applicants feedback on their games while connecting them with local investors.

Combined with other FTI initiatives such as Playup Perth and LEVEL ONE, OOMPF! Games aims to grow WA’s already vibrant industry into one that is globally competitive.

To read more about the state of the WA games industry, check out FTI's Games Industry Scoping Survey 2014


Details & Eligibility

OOMPF! Games is designed to support diversity, growth and sustainability in the WA game ecosystem through knowledge sharing and capacity building within and between local studios and developers. To this end, preference will be given to projects which demonstrate the most potential for reinvestment in the local industry, through employment opportunities or future game development arising from successfully taking a game to market. Upon completion of their project, successful applications will be required to present their work at a public talk hosted by FTI.

The application process is designed to help game makers to think strategically about the business aspect of their work, and more importantly, be prepared to talk to potential investors or publishers through the preparation of a business plan, elevator pitch or participation in the OOMPF Games Pitch Night. Even unsuccessful applicants will come out of the process with a stronger business case for their projects.

Eligible games can include video games, console games, mobile games, online games, augmented and virtual reality games and pervasive, mixed/cross platform or other forms experimental games, as long as the production contains a digital component. For example, an augmented tabletop game that uses an iPad to deliver a narrative component of the game would be eligible, but an entirely analog card game would not.

As this is a pilot funding initiative, up to $10,000 will be assigned to one or more projects, depending on number of applications received and their respective merit. For example, FTI might elect to fund one $10,000 project, two $5000 projects, two $2000 and one $6000 projects and so forth. The core criteria that will drive this decision will be made based on which project or combination of projects are most likely to financially succeed, and more broadly will best foster a sustainable and diverse local industry. Consideration will also be given to the innovativeness and creativity of the project.

The awarded funds can be used towards any aspect of the project, including salaries (both for others as well as the applicants') as well as hardware and software. Applicants must clearly demonstrate how and why their use of the funds is essential for taking their game to market.


Pitch Night

23 July 2015

Applications Close

7 August 2015


August 2015


Full funding guidelines can be found here.

Applications can be made here.

Pitch night registrations here.

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