"Kanowna, Place of No Sleep" Free Film Script Reading

To celebrate the merger with FTI, the final PAC Script Lab, free film script reading for 2013 will take place at FTI in Fremantle, from 6pm, Wednesday, 4th December, 2013.
“KANOWNA, PLACE OF NO SLEEP” is a feature length adaptation of the Chris Richards-Scully’s short film of the same name. The new script is currently in competition, having recently been selected as a semi-finalist from more than 6600 entries submitted to major international screenwriting contest, Final Draft Big Break.
Based on real events, “KANOWNA, PLACE OF NO SLEEP” was inspired by a visit to a small cemetery in a little known corner of Western Australia where a plaque tells a tragic tale from our gold mining past, but this tale isn’t one you’d expect. It is a story about the loss of a new born baby, a double murder and a gunfight. It is 1902, the major participants are Japanese and the place is called Kanowna, which in the Indigenous language means “place of no sleep”.
Intrigued by this little known event, writer/ director Chris Richards-Scully began to ponder about the circumstances of the people in the dry, dusty and unforgiving heat of that place, and of the widespread racism of the time.
The script will be read by an experienced and talented cast of actors including Elwyn Edwards, David Lee Smyth, Adriane Daff, Eddie Stowers, Brian Liau, Tanya Jade, Leon Grey and Lee Sheppard.
The free script reading will include drinks at FTI with the public, past PAC participants and FTI members encouraged to come along and help celebrate the joining of two of WA’s longest running, independent screen resource centres.
RSVP: To reserve your place at “KANOWNA, PLACE OF NO SLEEP” email pac@screenworkshop.com.au or call: (08) 9431 6700.

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