ICS Screenings at 2017 REVEALED

The ICS program is happy to announce the inclusion of four short films in the Revealed Exhibition starting at the Fremantle Arts Centre next week.


The films cover indigenous art, music and literature from locations covering the South West through to the Kimberley.

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AGWA – Kira Kiro Art Centre - Kalumburu Artists (2015)


The community of Kalumburu is one of the most remote communities in the Kimberley. In 2015 ICS collaborated with the Art Gallery of WA, as part of its Desert River Sea- Kimberley Artists Then and Now program. With the help of the  Kira Kiro Kalumburu Art Centre, ICS captured four senior women artists: Mary Theresa Tailor, Mary Punchi Clement, Gwen Clarke and Betty Bundamurra.  The Art Centre provides a strong cultural centre for the community and coordinates exhibitions, art awards and public art projects in which the artists translate their traditional skills and knowledge into contemporary artworks. 
Running time: 13.45 mins Location: Kimberley-Kalumburu
Language: Ngarinyin, Kwini and Woonambool

AGWA - Waringarri Arts Centre  (2014)

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Waringarri Aboriginal Arts profiles the ‘Waringarri Generational Collaboration Project, and illustrates how establihed artists pass on skills and knowledge to future generations- translating traditional skills into contemporary artworks.   Up to four generations of artists' have been involved in several major public art projects, including a ‘family based’ installation at the Kununurra Courthouse, a bush-tucker mural at the health centre, large sculptural forms of boabs in bronze, and carved wooden totems.
Running time: 9.19 mins Location: Kununarra
Language: Miriwoong    

Gunada Band (2015)

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In the late 1980’s, two Broome-based musicians broke new ground and formed an original music band with non-Indigenous musicians from England, Malaysia, Germany and Australia.  The Gunada Band promoted Broome’s cultural diversity and strengthened its cultural identity, developing a strong following.  This story sits alongside that of other Broome bands such as Scrapmetal Band and the Broome Beats.   The Gunada Band story is told by surviving band members including Arnhem Hunter, Wayne Barker, Ben Raja and Guy Ghouse.
Running time: 21.35 mins Location: Kimberley - Broome
Language: Bardi, Yawru 

Laurel Nannup (2015)

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Laurel was born at the Carrolup Native Settlement, WA in 1943.  Her Aboriginal Clan group is Binjareb.  She grew up on the Pinjarra Reserve and then at Wandering Mission where she stayed until she was 16, working as a domestic servant. Laurel studied printmaking at Curtin University and has become a highly regarded artist. She recalls childhood experiences and events through her art and illustrations.   Her work is represented at the Art Gallery of WA, the Australian National Gallery and the Berndt Museum. She has also written a book called A Story to Tell (UWA Publishing).
Running time: 11.12 mins Location: South West Perth and Pilbara
Language: Noongar


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