The Hero's Journey

What do Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Beauty & The Beast, and Schindler's List have in common? All these films incorporate the Hero's Journey.


FTI and The International Screen Academy invite you to attend our free Open Workshop where we will provide a structured intensive class on an introduction to the Hero's Journey for film, acting and animation. The Hero's Journey is a structure integrated into stories that explore the inner conflicts of characters through externalising their emotions.


Filmmakers - learn how to avoid predicable plots and create fresh film stories. Actors - learn how to understand the archetypal nature of your character. Animators and Games Designers - learn how to create an original story from old myths.


This open workshop is free and everyone is welcome. No knowledge or experience in film, acting or animation is required, just a solid interest.


The Hereos Journey uses examples from well known films, all participants will learn what filmmakers, actors and animators need to know to create compelling characters and an engaging story. With a perspective on Hollywood storytelling techniques, this accelerated introductory 3-hour workshop is offered at no charge to introduce participants to the philosophy and practical nature of the International Screen Academy's programs.  


The course is taught by  Simon David Hunter. Simon David Hunter is a screenwriter, director and producer who has worked under contract for NBC Network, Columbia Tristar USA, Fox Family Channel USA, Fred Silverman Productions, Nine Network Australia and Fremantle Television. His "Twisted Tales" series starred Bryan Brown and Geoffrey Rush. Simon has also been the President of three international film schools.



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? Participants must bring a copy of their EventBrite registration to the event. Participants need to be 17 or older. 

What can/can't I bring to the event? You are welcome to bring paper, pen, iPad, etc. to take notes. Please be aware that we are unable to allow the recording of the workshop for copyright reasons.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? You are welcome to contact FTI on 94316700 or email training@fti.asn.au


FTI/ ISA’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ workshop

When: August 6th at 6pm-9pm @ State Library Theatre, State Library of WA, 25 Francis St, Northbridge 

RSVPs are essential. Enrolments are strictly limited.  

Enrol here.

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