FTI held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 27th of April at the Northbridge Piazza Building. 

Changes to the constitution were passed which focussed on meeting the requirements of the new Associations Incorporation Act (2016), and on restructuring the Board to make its operation more efficient and effective. 

Congratulations to Justin McArdle and Lauren Brunswick who were each voted in to continue their terms as board members. FTI Chair Mitchell Wells also acknowledged the contribution over the past four years of outgoing board member John McBain.

With the main business of the meeting completed, there was close to an hour of discussion with many questions from the floor on the topic of FTI's funding situation. 

The membership was informed that the Board are still uncertain what the future of state government funding for FTI will look like, despite hoping that this would be resolved by the time of the AGM. 

CEO Paul Bodlovich advised the members that there are a number of possibilities still in play, ranging from an extension of funding beyond the current end-point of June 30, to a possible structural consolidation of FTI and Screenwest.  The Chair and CEO advised that in the absence of core funding being confirmed soon it may become necessary to wind up the organisation.  

In response to a question from Josh Gilbert (Gamechangers) the membership learned that FTI's Board are currently considering a campaign strategy that has been developed by FTI management, should there be the need for the sector to rally in support of FTI in the coming months. 

Mr Wells emphasised strongly that whatever path the Board chooses (or is forced) to take, the primary objective is to fight for maintaining and continuing to build the strong support and service provision for the emerging screen sector in Western Australia that FTI currently delivers.

FTI wishes to thank those members that attended the AGM.

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